Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We are riding to Washington DC for a number of reasons. Our ride is an expression of many of our shared values. Our manifesto for the Inauguration Bike Ride is as follows:

The inauguration of Barack Obama will be a historic event. We want to be there for it. We want to share in the celebration at what will be the largest public gathering in America's recent history.

We are challenging our modern perceptions of space and time. We are changing the way we travel in honor of this nation's will to move forward beyond the current habits of movement.

In this age of increased environmental awareness, we can no longer depend solely on oil-based travel as a means of conveyance. By riding, we highlight one of the many ways to be more ecologically conscious. It is not the only way to travel, but it can be a powerful example.

With record deficit spending and an increasingly difficult economic climate, Barack Obama has told the nation that we must make sacrifices. By using this progressive form of transportation, we are sacrificing our convenience, our luxury and our bodies as a way of showing people that there is more than one way to travel. There are more logical sacrifices to make, but this is one we can afford to do, and one we want to make.

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