Friday, January 16, 2009

Halfway Point!

By: Matthew Huffman

I hope this finds everyone doing well at home, and in all the various places across the country where people are finding out about the ride!

photos by Scott Heath

We arrived in Midlothian, VA tonight around 8:30 while the temperature was reading a frosty 14 degrees. At this point, we've logged nearly 10 hours of riding, watched cattle chase after us, cycled through an active military base (we even saw a training exercise!), forded a river, and discovered that Google Maps was not averse to putting us on dirt roads.

Let me be perfectly honest and completely clear with you: these are temperatures that I have never experienced on the road before. I knew we were well-equipped to handle inclement weather, but I don't think I would have ever imagined what it feels like to have the wind beat at your face when the mercury drops into the mid-teens.

Despite the constant and unabating cold, the trip has gone very, very well so far. It's been a real honor to have people cover our ride on the way up so far; we've received comments all over both states from people who see us on the road and recognize us from the news.

From the frosty ponds and the open road, we're beginning to look forward to Washington, and the dramatic pomp and circumstance of the inauguration. Stay tuned!

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